GENY’s TOEFL iBT Preparation Course is for advanced English language students preparing to sit for this ETS administered exam. The highly-trained and experienced Instructors help students achieve success on the exam but also impart academic skills that prepare students for American colleges and universities. Classroom instruction covers all components of the exam:

Reading and Listening Comprehension, Speaking, and Writing.

Classroom exercises include test formats and strategies for greater understanding, and extensive vocabulary development along with pre-tests and post-tests. GENY’s fully-equipped computer labs include supplemental TOEFL iBT exercises used by students during their lab workshop hours.


“Our TOEFL Preparation Course is designed with the needs of the student in mind. As each individual student has particular needs, all skills and sections are thoroughly covered. From vocabulary building, how to write an essay and the structure necessary, individual speaking coaching, and how to answer each question in the reading and listening section. Feedback is tailored to each student using a method in which they will understand their personal challenges and gain the tools and confidence to meet their goals and expectations.”

Our Supportive teachers also use authentic times practice tests so that the students will gain experience necessary on that important test day.

Please join us in our supportive and nurturing environment.