This course helps students understand the accounting procedures necessary for tracking business finances.
Using specialized software, students are instructed how to track debit, credit and total accounts on spreadsheets and databases. In addition, students are shown how to compile statistical, financial, accounting and auditing reports pertaining to cash receipts, expenditures, accounts payable/receivable and profits/losses.

Fundamentals of Accounting I

This class starts with an overview of mathematical operations accounting concepts and principles (GAAP), common accounting cycle, records, trial balances, financial statements, inventory, and payroll are also studied.

Fundamentals of Accounting II

In this course more in-depth knowledge is acquired in the areas of sales & purchases, A/R & A/P, cash receipts & payments, accruals/deferrals, and depreciation. This class will also cover preparation of income statements and balance sheets.

QuickBooks & Excel

This course will provide an overview of Quickbooks and Excel for business purposes.
By the end of the course, students will be able to manage business finances including payroll, invoice processing, bank account management, and tax report preparation.